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There is an unwritten rule that the best things happen when you least expect it. And before you think how stupid it is, because you have never expected to win the lottery and you actually have never won it, I must say that, no matter how much material things are necessary, they are not the best ones. The maze that represents the life of each of us, often seems to make a dead end look like the right road and that’s why we forget to rejoice in the little (read large) things.

izaberi da zivis od invalidskih kolica do daske za surfovanje photo

The first time when I saw surfers as a child, was on television, in the series “Baywatch”. Since then, surfing seemed so fascinating, but (don’t know why) I never thought I’d be a surfer myself, even for a day. It’s probably needless to say that after the accident, I never dreamed about surfing, not even in the craziest dreams. Then life proved me, once again, that nothing’s impossible.

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I read an article about adaptive surfing and an organization that, among other things, held one of their events in Florida, near the place where I lived. My first thought was: I need to try it! However, for various reasons, it didn’t happen and surfing ended up on my bucket list. Then, completely unplanned, after a few months my wish come true thanks to “Oceans of Hope Foundation”.

izaberi da zivis surfovanje

It’s amazing how much adrenaline increases while you’re waiting for your turn to leave the wheelchair behind and to head into a new adventure. Each of us (participants) went from one positive emotion to another. For a few hours we were able to forget about the pain and everyday problems and just to enjoy complete freedom.

The motto of this organization is: Opening the doors of the ocean and one wave at the time unlock the barriers for individuals who are physically or mentally challenged. The organizers and many volunteers have done much more than that. They put a smile on the faces of all the participants and their families. Some of them returned back on the surfboard, while provide a completely new experience to others. They’ve made the beach and the ocean fully accessible that day, and most importantly, they showed that we really can do whatever we want.

If you want to join this organization, support them or help in achieving their goals, feel free to do that. Maybe they are the one who will encourage you to follow your dreams.

p.s. When was the last time you did something for the first time?




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When you experience a spinal cord injury, you constantly hear about what you will not be able to do anymore, and everything you have to give up on. According to that, as a wheelchair user diagnosed with quadriplegia, just a thought of paddling and kayaking would have to be completely insane. What reality is, that no one can know whether you can or can’t do something. You know best yourself, and regardless of the difficulties you’re experiencing, you are the one who has to fight for yourself and your dreams.

I always liked trying new things, and after the injury, when it became ten times harder to me to do anything, my adventurous spirit increased tenfold. I’ve never had experience in kayaking, so, I couldn’t even assume how my body would behave in a kayak, will I be able to sit in it and will I have the strength to paddle, but I knew that I will try.

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